Sulzer P7100

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3 Sulzer P7100 S540 N4 SP R D2 

With Staubli 2665 dobby with 18 levers, 4 frames, 1 set split beams (12 half width), 4 harness frames, 4 color but running 1 with Loephe weft brake system, Crealet electronic let off system,  take up cylinder on press roller, heavy duty off loom take up with press roller from top, Serial numbers: 119962, 117173, 117172

These looms were producing geotextile fabrics at speeds around 240rpm
SEL 1050m/min.
Possible to weave up to 6000 dtex
PO tape is possible to weave
R version so tensions up to 800-1000 kg per meter warp width is possible. Capable to weave very heavy fabrics