1999 Picanol Gamma

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56 Picanol Gamma-4-R 1999 190cm

With Staubli 2861 dobby with 20 lever capacity and avg of 8 harness frames per loom, 4 color with 2 Picanol Luna weft accumulators, 4 stop motion bars with droppers as fitted
all looms with Sumo motor, allowing for speed adjustment with push of a button
46 looms upgraded in 2014 with LDEC system (10 no LDEC)
32 with 16 harness drives
24 with 8 harness drives
24 looms with side tuckers
Batching unit with lighted inspection board 
All machines running now, scheduled production stop Dec 21st, deliveries possible in Jan 2019
Machines are running synthetic fabrics, only using OEM parts
Looms with side tuckers running 500rpm
Looms without side tuckers running at 550rpm
Min fabric width 51” and max fabric width of 75”