Sulzer P7100 and P7200

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23 Sulzer Terry Looms

9 - P7100 B390 F1 EP D1
Year 1992
E10 cam box with 6 installed

11 - P7100 B390 F4 SP D1
Year. 1989
Dobby with 14-16 harness drives installed
Two machines with dobby disassembled

3 P7200 B390 F4 SP D1
Year 1996
Dobby w minimum 14 harness drives installed

All with side tucking
All looms with off loom take up - supplied along with loom if it fits into same container
Approximately 32 weft feeders
Approximately 20 center tucking units total
Approximately 150 harness frames for entire lot
Approximately 24 warp beams total - any extra will also go with the lot

SP are dobby looms with 16 drive capacity most still with 16 under motion drives
F1 means one color machines
F4 means 4 color machines

Spare parts lot - no list available


ModelP7100 and P7200