Sulzer TW11 and PU


8 Sulzer TW11/PU 213/220 inch width ES105 E10 D1 looms weaving PP with P7100 upgrade kit for higher production speeds

Single color weft insertion

E10 cam box, with 6 cams installed, 1x1 Zero degree

6 harness frames, 13” drawtex C type heddles 
5 bank electric stop motion for warp with 5 drop wire bars installed

Heddles and Droppers as fitted

Loepfe Electronic weft stop motion

Automatic oiling units

1 beam, 8” dia barrel with steel heads heavy duty 940 mm and 1000 mm dia., ( 10” beam barrels available for special request)

P7100 braking system 

P7100 upgrade kit for higher speeds 

1 gear box driven 2 roll surface wind takes, with gear box driven press roll for tight packed rolls.


ModelTW11 and PU