2004 Picanol & Staubli Omni Plus Staubli LX1600

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Picanol Omni Plus & Staubli LX1600

3 Picanol Omni Plus, yr 2004/5, OMP-F-6-J, 250cm, with Staubli LX1600 2688 JC5 fully installed with M6 modules, 6 color capable with 3 Picanol 1131 Plus weft accumulators, 1 beam, 5 stop motion bars with droppers as fitted

8 Staubli LX1600 2688 JC5, yr 2004,  fully installed w M6 modules

3 Picanol Omni Plus 250 cm, yr 2005, Staubli Dobby Type 2881 Model OMP-F-6-R, 16 harness capacity, 900mm beam flange, 1 beam only per loom Picanol off loom take up without inspection, 6 bank stop motion

All of these Staubli LX1600 jac heads are reversible, so that you can use them on other type of looms without modification. When the machine coaxial is lifted off the understructure and turned 180 degrees , the coaxial is still in the center of the opening but on the opposite site.

40 spare beams 250cm with 914mm flange

260cm Griffin beamer with 12 position section beam creel


ManufacturerPicanol & Staubli
ModelOmni Plus Staubli LX1600